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NQ-FLEX  Heat/Cut Resistant Work Gloves Size 7 (small)
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NQ-FLEX Heat/Cut Resistant Work Gloves Size 7 (small)

Breathable heat-resistant gloves that help with your thermoplastic projects! Cut resistant as well and great for craft knife work/foam shaping.

Suggested to be used with:
Worbla's Finest Art
Worbla's Black Art
Worbla's TranspArt
Fosshape Thick and Thin

These gloves have been tested and work well with vacuformed plastics/pulls.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR WONDERFLEX OR FRIENDLY PLASTIC. The adhesive in these will stick to the gloves.

These gloves are slim, comfortable and feature a flat work surface from palm to around your fingertips without seams, stitching or pronounced surface texture. This allows you to work with hot plastic such as Worbla without issue, smoothing seams and shaping easily.

These gloves are not waterproof and are made to be used in dry work environments. They can be combined with latex gloves for hot water dye work.

Additional Information:
Dermatologically Accredited
ISO 9001 certified and ISO 14001 accredited.
Manufactured in accordance with the REACH European Community Regulation on chemicals (Translation: no harmful chemicals are in these gloves and they are made to be worn for very extended periods of time without causing irritation.)

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